21 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Minnesota :) – US
Hey there (: my name is Nelly! Random facts- My favorite color is neon green, and I love hugs ^.^ I can be awkward at moments, and I am always random and spontaneous. I like talking to new people ^.^ I'm always hyper and very bubbly, always looking for a new friend ^.^ I'm very random and I like cheese. I like listening to music and I talk a lot.. Don't be afraid to add me; I don't bite! Don't be afraid to message me;I can always find something to say even in the awkwardest moments ^.^ ask me questions; I answer them all no madder what they are, and I'm 100 percent honest in my answers ^.^ if you don't like it when I'm happy, then get off my page... I like being happy ^.^ kik me- nellymarie1102
Snapchat me- nellymarie1102
If you want my number message me ^.^
Okay soooooo byeeeeeee ^.^