18 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
hell bound big sis br.okenpizza
hell – US
About me
-My name is Nearly but I go by Ashton (they/them)
-I love Music (composing and playing -im a prodigy- )
-I currently play piano/keyboard, drums, guitar, flute, tenor sax, trumpet and clarinet.
-I have written almost every genre of books you can think of and I'm currently (still ug) getting them published online so. Look for me on Quotev souleater185 to read some.
-I love to sing and dance (I do have tiktok....don't judge. Satan.with is my username)

Some rules to follow
1.)Do not p*** me off. (what triggers me is the next on list)
2.)I care alot about my friends more than my family and my friends online or in reality are considered my family so you f*** with them you f*** with me.
3.) I don't like to explain myself or past, so if I'm opening up to you be blessed and thankful because that means I trust you.
4.) Do not try to pressure me into doing something even after I said no, NO MEANS NO!
5.)Although I do RP i don't do sexting like RP's sorry, don't ask.
-I don't like being touched
-i will be aggressive and very defensive if i find out that u are hurting my friends/hell fams
-i will hurt those who hurt me or try to get on a "perverted level" (for my RP's & in general)

If there's any questions don't hesitate to ask. THANK YOU!!

my sissy from hell Satanicgirlfriend
my big bro from hell and the reason I suffer and want to kill myself for being a bitch and asshole to him Uchiha.Born
friends with KingCupcake
Rp demon fams with Lonelysoul
Close friend Lilbits29
Bestfriend reaghs.a.gemini

More fams from hell-

you want your name on here? just ask XD

I want him back
My youtube-

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