17 / Female / Pansexual / In Like
hell bound big sis br.okenpizza
hell – US
i eat soul do not p*** me off
I'm nearly and some things about myself, i love music and am a music prodigy so any instrument you can think of i can learn to play in 5 mins or less. I currently play piano/keyboard, drums, guitar, flute, tenor sax, trumpet and clarinet. I do love to sing,dance, write my own songs,music and books. I've made a few pieces but i haven't really made them public unless counts lol. I care alot about my friends more than my family and my friends online or in reality are considered my family so you f*** with them you f*** with me. If there's any questions don't hesitate to ask and i do rp so if your bored and seem chill we can rp whenever im online!!! THANK YOU!!

my sissy from hell Satanicgirlfriend
my big bro from hell and the reason I suffer and want to kill myself for being a bitch and asshole to him Uchiha.Born
friends with KingCupcake
Rp demon fams with Lonelysoul
Close friend Lilbits29
Bestfriend reaghs.a.gemini

More fams from hell-
you want your name on here? just ask XD

-don't touch me unless i say
-i am agressive and very defensive if i find out that u are hurting my friends/hell fams
-i will hurt those who hurt me or try to get on a "perverted level"
-i do rp(not cyber rape-yes its happened)

I want him back
My youtube-

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Forever.A.Dark.Angel posted a status update: you don't realize how lonely you are until its the end of the day and you have a bunch of things to talk about and no on to tell them to // so me!!! Luciferswife666 "Omg this guy isnt taking a hint that i want to be left alone n i dont wanna talk to him" but also me 😅🤦

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Anonymous asked

how big your dick
the size of hiroshima... have a day

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I say go for it


Happy Birthday <3