100 / Female / Potsexual
Daddy McFudgical Suh.Doode
Harrisburg – US
Hi my name's Nazier

My main hobbies are thinking and cooking pretty much

I like to find the story behind pretty much every little thing

What are atoms made of,I mean does it even get deeper than that? Is it even possible for it to not get deeper than that??? Idk??

Other than that Im pretty lame

Sabri-Love this ray of sunshine I mean shes probs one of the few reasons im still here

Kik:lilnono 1234


I have other s*** just ask

Jason:most metal of them all

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I literally dont wanna do anything but lay here

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Anonymous asked

I'm not ignoring you, you are ignoring me
But im ignoring the fact that you're ignoring me ignore you

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Ur black? I thought u were indian


Tbh-your nice, very chill and good to talk to. Should chat more man:)