18 / Non-binary / Bisexual / Single and Looking
My Master. TheMightyClem
Gastonia – US
I had an account on here before but I forgot the password so this is my new account.
A little bit about me:
I'm a Satanist. I don't judge people, or at least I try not too. Most of my friends would say I'm a little crazy but in a good way. I like alternative and hard rock. My favorite band is Icon for Hire. I love to read play video games and snowboarding, (though I don't get to do that last one a lot because I live in the Piedmont of North Carolina and it rarely ever snows here!!). I like listening to music and hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. I love monsters, dark things, creepypasta and demons, goth, bat's, skulls, drawing tattoos, porn, sex (Kinky, monsters like vamps and demons, neko, daddy/daughter, mommy/daddy, mater mistress, pet play, furriers, and a bunch of other things to but that doesn't mean I'm only into doing sexual stuff all the time. Message me of your interested in doing any of them for fun ; ) I'm mainly on here to meet more people like me so if you want to chat or ask me something just send a meesage.

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I'm so borded!

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MrFire  asked

There he is, Officer, there's the Simp.

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Tbh I'm into vampires and demons and furry and s*** too😶😶🙂


Awe thanx😸😸


I know


Ion have Kik


Ion have Kik


listen we need to talk if u dont want to it doesnt matter so u answer me or im not gonna be ur little any more