18 / Male / Polysexual / In a Relationship
Daddy 💜 TiredOfIt
"The lone wolf" is what I've been referred to. Though I am not always alone, most have seen me travel and live by myself. I talk to those I trust and if I dont well... let's just say you'll hit my s*** list of people I will tolerate, but f*** me or my friends over and I will hunt.

Though I am a lone wolf I still have my pack, I may not always be the alpha but I'm always the wall and shelter that will defend them all. Specially those that are mine and family.

I'll let you determine whether you end up a friend or if you treat me like crap and end up an enemy.

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All i have to say about that idiot who bugged TiredOfIt is that i hate them and i wish they would just leave their opinions to themselves and if they dont like someone for their views to just leave them be and not be a toxic person.

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Hey everyone look at this gay boi


Bear Bear look at my picturesss I made me and a bear bearrrr


You know I gotta babysit like as soon as I'm home, so i'm worried we won't have time to talk because you're going to see your stinky girlfriend


Neveerrrr. You'll find out tonight when I call you. XD


Sorta kinda maybeeeee. >.<


*laughs* Bear Bear is under my bed and Pastel is in my bed, last time I checked. You know they run around.


*squeaks and snuggle attacks* Mhm, so much fun!