28 / Male / Straight / Engaged
is in a relationship with BecciJo
Greater Manchester – UK
Hi, my name is Andy, I'm a nice, polite, kind and respectful type of person. I have a girlfriend, been with her since June 11th 2016 but known her since 2012.

Spending time with my amazing girlfriend, listening to music (mostly rock, metal, EBM & Industrial), tattoos, piercings, shopping, traveling, gardening, helping people, cosplay, anime, manga...

A7ie, Acylum, Android Lust, Asking Alexandria, Avarice In Audio, Avenged Sevenfold, Binary Division, Bring Me The Horizon, Celldweller, Circle Of Dust, Dance With The Dead, Delain, E7ernal, Eden's Curse, Emilie Autumn, FGFC820, Grendel, Hocico, Icon For Hire, Joy Division, kHz, Lacuna Coil, Miss FD, Nexus VI, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Psyborg Corp, Reaper, Seven Trees, Sleeping With Sirens, Snakeskin, Snowbeasts, Suicidal Romance, Suicide Commando, Suicide Silence, Synthattack, Tactical Sekt, Totem Obscura, UnSun, We Are The In Crowd, Winter Soul, Wynardtage...

Kik: cyber_raver27
Skype: andy_carter1989
Snapchat: andy_carter1989
VampireFreaks: CyberRaver27
EmoWire: MySuicidalRomancingSaga

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Some wannbe troll just messaged my girlfriend, I wouldn't really call it trolling since there's no effort gone into it and it's just racist comments towards black people.