18 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
halloween town – US
My names is Madi but i like being called May or Mayfire. I like a lot of bands like BMTH, P!ATD, PTV, BVB, AA, As Animals Eat My Insides, SS, WhiteChapel,FIR, etc.
When I get older, I want to get K-9 bites, Septum,and the bridge of my nose with tons of tattoos. I can drink Monsters all day that or Peace Tea. I am pansexual. I usually wear a beanie 'cause beanies help hide my ugly. Oh yeah, I have depression, anxiety, dyselxia, and I'm suicidal.
I'm bored a lot, so feel free to pm me, lol.
My favourite youtubers are Jacksepticeye, Vanoss, My Digital Escape, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Just Plain Nerdy, robbyEpicSauce, and CapnDesDes.
Welllllll BAI!!!!!!! RAWR

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I hate my stutter....