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The name is Beth but you can call me Maxx. I WILL NOT SENT NUDES! I'm a kind and careing person. I have trust issues. I love music it is my life. I am random. I like red and black. If you have questions just inbox me. I love being me so don't judge. I love my friends alot. so add me.
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Hellur! (: Names Kayla add me DeadInDitches This dude right here is amazing. I love this bitch. And if you mess with her i will probably beat your ass. Kay? Kay. Now that we have the plesentries out of the way... Maxx is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She defiantly stands out the most at the small school we go to.

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This whole getting sick thing is annoying. If I could go a couple of days with out getting sick that would be great.

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mylittlepony23 asked

hey did you get the new issue of the alternative press magazine with bvb on it
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♡ happy friday




yea im shy so im not much of a talker. ty tho :)


<3 Thank for the add


You know, I told you I meant you on here and here I am XD


I love you. (:


Thank's for your friendship ;]


haha XD. well then!


omg, my name in your bio was from like two usernames ago XD <3


YAY FRIENDSHIP! thanks for adding me, feel free to hit me up anytime c: