17 / Male / Bisexual / Single
Indiana – US
Hi. I'm Brayden. Im 15. I like to spend my time playing guitar, playing bass, singing, writing songs, and recently I've been taking care of orphaned kittens and trying to find them a good home without separating them. Im 6' tall, I love short people, I love scene girls, I love heavy metal(amon amarth, avenged sevenfold, of mice & men, bring me the horizon, atilla, as we walk, issues, secrets, miss may I, bullet for my Valentine, asking Alexandria, get scared, escape the fate, and my own band, murder at midnight). Im suicidal, I hurt myself, im depressed, and I have horrible anxiety. This isn't me saying it for attention I'm saying it as a warning. I don't want ti trigger/hurt someone by being f***ed up. Everyone has their problems. Ik I have mine, you don't need to remind me.