105 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Candyland!>.^' – UK
Hi there I see!>.^ I Luff playing around c': I dye my hair and Im Bi. Please dun judge ;3; Yes I'm Anime ;3 YES DONT ASK BUT IM 100 YRS OLD ouo' I Live in CandyLand c: My precious little name is Muka!<3 I adore hearts <3 c': OKAY,I ish a Dj D:< I iz no whore bish. Not unlike some of you's maybe right now messaging others being whores o_e Yhu never know!;o So,let's get to meet each other maybee?c: Hey you if you kept reading this,I know who yhu are!;o Jkay,hush little child no need to be worried ;P And I'm serious,HUSH D;< Do yhu play super smash bros? Me too o'; Unlike anymore. It broke,yayyy!!~(in the inside: ;~; why,WHYY) Jk I know yhu guys think I'm fawking stupid ;-; Stahp being mean to meh! ;3; Okay,so let's come up with names c': Ur gonna name Me Mukah,and I'll name yhu Bewbie . Yaay you agreed ^_^ LMAO. Yes I know that I'm raandom and weird. Have a problem? Well you gotta deal with that because it's yhur fault hating on that c': Er,nobodys purfect<3 Okay now I think I'm annoying -.-' Im a neon colour type of person as you should know,I love playing music around me,I love editing stuff so ask me edit anything if yhu want!c: And while we talk if we ever do...,if I say "yhu" instead of "you" that means Im happy to talk to yhu!^^ If I use "you instead of "yhu" that means I have no interest in anything about talking to you and stuff ._. I have an adorable cute lovely little sistah!! Tipp .u. JKAY SHE AINT ADORABLE,CUTE NOR LOVELY! She's too strict,even when we're doing beats together she always says "no,no. you have it WRONG!"blah blah do that do this you know what I quit doing that she's too bossy we consider ourselves friends not sisters. I consider her sometimes a stranger,and aye,she's quite serious -_- AND I sometimes fist fight with her xD I know its weird .___.

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Playing sum muzic!! cx

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