19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Etching a chelsea smile upon my cheeks – US
My name is Sadies. I love all the creepypasta's. Writing fan fictions are my thing. Music is life. I like metal, deathcore, metalcore, stuff like that. I'm a pretty chill person. I'm an outcast, but I like it that way. My favorite colors are blue, black, white, and red. Have any other questions about me, just ask.

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People should messag me on kik c: kik: HospitalForSouls37

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yep its a date XD


Sadies someone should make a movie about us...because our lives are so f***ing interesting x'D


heyy there cx


You like a lot of good music Sadies, so I'm glad you added me. Let's talk music one day out-of-the-blue! Thanks for the add!


Stfu I know


Merrr we can fit in your locker...Yes that means we are small


Yes <3


Sadies you got a scene kids...yeah happy...I luv yew and I miss you...omg lol jk jk best frand