23 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
I used to use this site back when it was know as Scenekids. Under a similar username. I got lost in my life and I lost some people close to me. Some literally. I'm hoping that there are a few of you still out there...

I apologize in advance; I got into a car accident a few years back and have had my memory damaged. I apologize if I repeat something, add you twice, or forget who you are or have already forgotten. I do not mean to do this... .-.

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You had your chance to be with me. You gave that up. Don't come to me now with your feelings. For I can no longer hold them as close to my heart. I will always love you, but I am moving on with my life.

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pillbug asked

tell your dog he's a good boy today
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I did and he got excited and brought me his favourite toy lol