18 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Ohio – US
Discord: Idiot Sandwich#0468

Life is soup I am fork
I am from another site called VF.
Chances are, you'd forget me by tomorrow.
•My entire life has been an inconvenience to people
• My thighs are bigger than my chances in life
•Horror Fanatic
• Fantasy Fanatic

Watashi wo, Wasurenaide kudasai.
Excuse me, are you a maniac?

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Amaryllis posted a status update: My thighs are so smooth and soft RN they’ll make a excellent pillow. I want to run my fingers through Someone hair while they read a book or tell me about their day, IKR hella filth // Ohhh mannn, this is totally meeeee

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chris.brown  asked

you probably smell like goth bitch juice (your style is good) ?
Yess, you are correct!! Thank you, I will be sure to keep my style the way that it is

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Thanks for accepting my friend request.


why are you so pretty?? :)


Frob approves, wishes to procreate