22 / Male / Straight / Single and Not Looking
London – UK
*Note: Only Friends can Message Me/Reply to me so Add me as Friend to chat*
*Note: I Rarely send the first "Hey" so feel free to Inbox me first I wont bite, or maybe I will. :)*
*Note: I will not answer questions I have already replied on my Profile*
*Note: Do to some recent issues. I would like to ask all girls under 18 to not try to get "Kinky" with me Im not into that with under age girls. I will be your best friend. ill be ur gaming Buddy but nothing sexual please.*

Hey Im Mattias or Matt for short.
My friends call me Jack. or Mister J But you can call me whatever.
I am a Big Joker and Harley Fan. Harley is My Dream Wife!.
I was Born in Sweden, And move to US when I was 19.
So a few Facts about me.

*I Love Gaming, and always happy to have a friend to Game with.
*Big Joker and Harley Fan,
*A Memeber of a Band called "D-Tox". Scroll down for our Videos.
*I Prefer to chat on skype over here. so feel free to ask for my skype or give me urs.
*I hate liars, Snubs and disrespectful People.
*I can be the nicest guy to nice people. but the meaniest if u are mean to me.
*I'm a big time Dorks.
*I Love Horror Mobies.
*I Have another older profile here from 5 years ago I cant remember the password to.
*I travel Alot. all over Europe, America, Asia and More for band Gigs and such.
*I can be Your best friend or worst enemy which one ill be is up to you.

My Info
Skype : Ask, but do it nicely ;)
Facebook : Only give away to people I trust and know for a while.
Phone # : Read Above.
My VampireFreaks : Taking Time Off
My Altscene : Taking Time Off
My SceneKids : www.scenekids.com/Mistah.J
Kik, Snapchat and all the crap : Don't have Don't want Stop asking. ;)

Band Video
Evil Inside :

My Likes
*Harley <3 <3 <3 <3
*Horror Movies

My Dislikes
*Mind Games
*Stupid People
*Closed Minded People
*Rudeness and disrespectful people
*Justin Bebier

People who say they would like to play a game but wont actually do it just make excuses.
Wrote this one because of a few people here who p***ed me off about such things.

Well u get the theme, ;)
And if u are one of the listed about I probably wont want to chat with u or be a friend with u. And honestly who would?

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if u need a low life white trash.. message BlackWingedSavior

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ImperfectCorpse asked

I think you're pretty rad looking
Thanks. you look super cute yourself.

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Love your pic and I totally respect the info you have on there, it's by far the best profile I've ever seen on here and if you see that I stalk you a lot its because I'm trying to find the time to watch the video of your band. Have a good day!




I think you look awesome XD


omg I love ur eyes


sorry i was busy fam


you have beautiful eyes,like crystal blue gems that you get lost in and never want to surface from its beauty.


hello sorry I have not been on skype for years


omg how are you so attractive ? :o LIKE WOW


Thanks for accepting my friend request :)


Happy bday