19 / Female / Bi-curious / Single
is best friends and award givers for life Oloexeis
Kenzieville, America – US
Hello all my Scenekids peeps!! My name is Alyssa MacKenzie but you can call me Kenzie or Kenz :) Not really on here to meet guys or find the boyfriend of my dreams. I just want to make some new friends and get to know as many chill people as I can. I'm very friendly and super talkative so message me and let's chat :)

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Merry Christmas to all my new SK friends! Hope everybody got what they wanted for Christmas and we all eat till we puke :) love you guys <3

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Your very welcome 😊😊😊


Happy birthday 🎀🐰🐰🐰😊😊😊😊


Why must you be so gorgeous, mistress? 💕


hey do u want to text


hey how are you what bands are u into?