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Under yer bed ;u – BN

HI! I'm Kira Baelea Simmons :) You can just call me Baelea or Kira; whichever you prefer~

Don't mix up my attitude and my personality, cause my personality is me and my attitude depends on you. I'm a really friendly person once you get to know me though I tend to be shy and quiet at times and I tend to get really sarcastic plus I cuss a lot. I'm pretty much in love with music and arts; mostly because I find it easier to express myself through them. I love to meet new people and making new friends :D

I don't care if you're gay, les, bi, etc., cause you're still human and I respect your choice plus I don't judge; it's your life so live it as you wish :) I, for one, am a panromantic asexual; who am I to judge right?

I've got a passion for singing and music is my drug :{D I'm a sap for those lovey dovey crap cause I think it's cute :3 I always tend to daydream a lot cause its my way to escape reality and its fun plus you never know what might happen in a daydream ;P I love hanging and chatting with my friends no matter how random the topic gets ;D I enjoy cuddling and snuggling and hugs!!

I'm in a band, called IBNH, short for Insert Band Name Here. We were high as f*** and agreed that the name's pretty good, so it just stuck around till now •-• I'm the lead vocalist~ We mostly perform in school or during our free period. Basically, we just jam out at each others houses and do random covers. We might be thinking of posting them on YouTube, but we're gonna need more work until we feel that we're ready :) Planning to learn how to play the guitar and ukulele when I am able~

I'm, as my friends say, an all around friendly person; unless you p*** me off then I'm a meanass bitch who'll snap at you and flip s*** up. I dunno why but meh, that's just me, I guess. Well I'm Asian. I try to help anyone with their problems when I can. Besides family; my friends are my everything. Do anything to them, anything at all, I will f***ing hunt you down. Hurt them; I'll break your face :) If you're a stalker; f*** of ya wanker >:|

I enjoy watching anything horror, be it a movie or a series. Creepypasta is the s*** and I absolutely love reading about them.

Wanna know more about me? Inbox me or just leave a post. Wanna Skype? Just ask and I'll give :D I will not vidcall if you don't have a cam or can't, we both gotta be on screen; I can audio, no problem, just vidcalls. It's not like I'm using someone else's pictures, I just like to look at you while we talk. If you have a problem or just need someone to talk to, I'm willing to lend an ear.

I find that sugar coating things are pretty much stupid; if you have something to say, say it as it should be.

That's mostly what you need to know about me I guess? I really don't know what else to put on here XD I congratulate you, who ever you are, for being able to read this till the end. And thank you all for actually trying to understand this girl right here, it means a lot to me :) Hahaha anyways, hope to hear from all you amazing people soon :D

PEACE OUT - Kira xoxo

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