21 / Female / Straight / Single
biatches together<3 calypso
in the studio – US
Hi, I have a pretty good life but it's not all that great so yeah... On with the biography...

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Fav Color: Blue and/or Dark Purple
Fav Food: BBQ
Fav Season: Fall & Spring
Fav Subject: English and/or Biology
Fav Sport: Lacrosse
Fav Hobbies: Dancing, Writing, Reading, Drawing, YouTube Videos, cooking, sleeping and Listening to Music

All Time Low
The Downtown Fiction
A Rocket To The Moon
The Summer Set
Marianas Trench
We The Kings
Yellow Card
Hey Monday
The Used
You Me At Six
Sleeping With Sirens
Suicide Silence
Mayday Parade

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calypso asked

what color should i die my hiar? If im going to
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Black with Blonde or Red ends

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