24 / Female
Eugene oregon – US
Emo lesbian girl
Suffers from depression
Been bullied and abused
Luv black cats emo vampires horror
Hates fakes, men, underage sex, drugs, smoking, abuse, bullying
Allergic 2 cigarette smoke
Watches horror movies
Favorite bands Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White
Celebrate Halloween
I hate Christmas
I'm not a christian
Only date emo girls i'm lesbian
Role player
Favorite color is black
Nighttime owl
Dyed color hair
I have depression and I have 2 take meds in the mornings
Shy but cool
Height is 5'4
My weight is unknown
Been abused gotten bullied online 24/7 got called names
I have a crush on Ashley Purdy from Black Veil Brides
I never smile becuz I'm sad 24/7
Been emo since age 18
Luv the smell of fresh blood
Gets p***ed off when someone gossips, have sex out in public, gets abused
I'm against underage sex ,christians, bullying, men, abuse, drugs, alcohol, smoking
I'm Luv 2 message newer people but I'm very shy and maybe won't respond 2 anyone
I'll have fun on Scenekids

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Going 2 put my clothes on because I'm still in my pj's and 7am I'll eat my lucky charms cereal 4 breakfast

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