19 / Male / Straight / In Love
in relationship with Misarima
Marstrup/Haderslev – DK
Ej, :3
Im a 16 and a boy, surprising right?:p

I actually havent that many friends and im living in a boring town. But hej thats life!
So it would be cool to gain a bung of new friends here. ;)

I love music, felling dedicated to it, could not live with out it!!:3

those friends i have describes me as the funny guy. :o (-Thats obvious a fact?)

much more arent there to say O:-)

ohhh right im living in Denmark
And if you wanna know me better, Im free to go! :) Just ask ahead. ;)

Right, true im in a Relationship with the most awesome and sweetest girl I have ever met!! xD love you dear girl!!
so not Single :)