18 / Female / Bi-curious / Single
Hi, I'm here to meet new people, there is not much to tell about me, haha. I live in Norway, and i love music, i listen to rock, pop, rap and scream music. I love being outdoors and go on adventures! And i love traveling, i try to go to new places as often as i can, and i love art and happy people, haha :) And if you read all this then you are awesome! (Y)

so if you want to get to know each other then just message me^^
And I'm not on this site everyday, but you can also message me on kik if you want to, my kik username is Selena.mariel.L

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I'm getting really tired of this, you can meet someone online and you and up talking almost everyday and end up caring a lot about that person and then suddenly the other person start to ignore you and be an asshole. Im f***ing sick off it. (sorry for posting a angry status).

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John.mac asked

why you are so cute?
aww, you are cute