22 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Torhout – BE
Gender: Female♥
Age : 20♥
B-day: 12/06♥
City: torhout♥

about myself : stubbornly,shy, friendly, sensitive, respectful, open minded,piercing, honest, jealous, good listener,
hobby: ♬ ♥ playing Acoustic guitar & Singing ♬ ♥
i hate: people when they dont accept my style, i am who i am ^.^ and if you dont like it well to bad for you ^.^
people with no life✓

me like: emo's/metalheads and scene people,music,tattoo's,movies, piercings,going to concerts and festivals,anime, drawing ♥

Feel free to talk with me :3
Kik ~~~~~>>> mellgoesrawrr no perverts allowed :/

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Bored A's f***... Talk to me :D