21 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
Hi! my name is Melissa.
I love talking to people and hearing what they´re passionate about and what makes them happy. But I will also be there if you need to talk about what makes you sad or angry.
Even if i dont know what the hell you´re talking about, I´ll still be happy to listen :3
If you want to talk to me and dont know how to, just mention dragon ball, wwe, harry potter, horror stories, weed etc. and we will probably have a great conversation.
I´ve been dealing with schizophrenia since a very young age, and I love talking about that and killing stigmas. People immediately assume Im crazy and dangerous. But im really not! lol. Anyways... talk to me if interested :) I´m a nice gal, and i love bad unfunny jokes nobody else would haha

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Can somebody tell me a good joke???

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ARCHEUS 🖤  asked

I'm curious to know about Schizophrenia; What's it like.
It mostly affects my social skills, i have a hard time talking and maintining conversations, i dont smile much and im alone most of the time. But i also do have small delusions regularly. Like hearing voices and stuff

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Thank you for accepting! <3