20 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
is married to Pulseless
Arlington Washington – US
Hai everybody! Im crazy A.F and ALOT of fun! =^_^= Im really wierd but you will get used to it. Im into drawing, photography and modeling.I love music and ready to rock! I play bass and sing in my band. I love BOTDF,BVB, Escape The Fate,Sleeping With Sierns, and everything else <3

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Follow me on instagram and I will follow you back. I will be posting from my photo shoots and I am looking for a new modeling companion. Send and post pics and follow me on instagram and you may be it!! My instagram is maud_sixx ... love yal!!

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
um... I dont really have a important person in my life. I have had a hard time with people but if i had to have one person i would say my old sponser Dale Zachary. hes 45 and he was like a bestfriend father to me untill he started dating my mom. he has saved my life several times, and i guess that counts as something. now he is impatient for drugs and will be gone for a year. so i have to make it that long without him :( thats gonna be really hard for me

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<3 Thank for the add


whats up? xD