17 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
Ew – US
Are we gonna have a problem?
You gotta bone to pick?
You've come so far; why now are you pulling on my dick?

Howdy there. I'm Mattmin, how are ya!

To tell a little bit about me;
I love musicals, my current favorite is Heathers the Musical.

I'm currently a senior in high school, finally. Amen, can't wait to graduate.

I love making friends with people, because friends are important?? I dunno.

I want to be a youtuber at some point, got a whole lotta ideas for videos n such.

Some of my favorites include Dan and Phil, Crankgameplays,Toxic Tears and It's Black Friday.

Tbh, I'm decent at playing video games but I don't call myself a gamer. I really like action & comedy movies.. Romcoms or spooky movies aren't my thing.

**I'm mostly interested in having new friends due to the fact I live in small town PA. No relationships or anything remotely sexual; just because I'm over the age of consent in most states, doesn't mean titty pics, got it?**


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wow only four holidays until i turn 18. i'm almost feeling old