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Hai, im Mary ✨

Quite a friendly human who loves to dig deep into thought! I love making friends. I love everyday, its a day to explore the minds of others and be exposed to new things. Its quite beautiful when you really get to sit down and look at life for the simplest form.

I AM Demisexual and i hate saying ti over and over so.
Urban Dictionary - Demisexuality does not refer to the active restraint or repression of sexual desires or actions.

My passions, vary... Haha, from:

-live videos of my favorite bands!

Philosophy thinker and a wanna be photojournalist/journalist. I want to have an impact in someones life. I love to speak and they more i speak the passionate i get. I want to major in sociology though. I feel like im thinking far ahead for a 16 year old. Better late than ever!

Well, you should message me! I'm pretty chill ✨

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dont be mad cause im doing me better than you doing you

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xXToxicRaverXx  asked

Whyd you disappear :p?
I fell asleep last night, it was like 2 am and i couldnt handle it anymore cx

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I kinda like it. I'm just so curious at so many things. How were we placed here? Is there really an impact one life can make in shorter than a century? What is after death? What are the limitations of the human mind? The body? I want to test these limits.


Aww, thank you so much! I'm definitely my own person, that's for sure. I'm also very likely extremely insane, but hey, insanity can open your eyes to a whole hell of a lot of things. Also, I didn't mean to but I accidentally deleted one of your questions sorry


2:05 am xD
message me xD


haha xD


fine i guess after all you are food buddy xD


my noodles? 0-0


whatever that thing is a weapon of "mass" destruction xD


look at that thing babe ruth could use that f***er as a bat xD


sir, sir, sir, dont make me cut cha dick off xD


no you can have a hot pocket, chicken noodle is mine xD