21 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Towaco – US
Rawr becuz dinosaurs r cute~! <3
Hi everyone, you can call me Miki, Mao, Maochi, Kitty.... just don't call me baby~ >_> lol P.s.>> if u are too pervy or only think about sexual stuff plz refrain from that with me or don't message me. :)

Well, I am looking to meet some great people here and I look forward to whoever I become friends with! :)

I really like: anime, Japanese/Chinese stuff, cats, children(I work for a preschool), turtles, friends and a lot more stuff!
I don't like liars, cheaters, spiders, or math. @[email protected]
You will find out much more about me if you send me a message! :)
Can't wait to hear from all the great people I am about to talk to~

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I'm not happy yet but when I am everyone will know.

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retrogamerz asked

Hi :) how are you? would you be my gf once we get to know each other
Maybe, I don't get into relationships with just anyone~