18 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
My own world – US
Just an average girl that loves Anime/Manga and cosplaying as well as playing video games. I'm a big teddy bear that loves to make friends (even though I'm super shy at first >////< please don't hate me if I'm kinda awkward at first. I promise I'll warm up to you fast! *v*) so don't be afraid to chat with me!

I'm an artist as well as a writer/author, currently writing a second book as well as drawing up my own Manga!

Some facts about me~
Favorite anime/Manga: Naruto
Personality: shy at first but after I warm up to you it's hard to shut me up/ get me away from you, but I do care about how you feel.
Favorite video game: Anything Bayonetta or Legend of Zelda
Tattoos: Currently only one but hopes to get more in the future

You may call me whatever you see fit (as long as it's not tooooo bad *0*) but I usually go by Maka

Kisses, hugs, and all the loves~ So message me and let's chat it up!

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Making a whole bunch of new friends and getting to talk to them is great~ there's so many sweet/precious people on here!