16 / Female / Hamiltonsexual / Forever Alone
I'm just a tiny ball of hate according to my friends but honestly I'll be there if you need me. Some of my favorite bands are White Zombie , Five Finger Death Punch , and Disturbed. My favorite color is purple if you couldn't tell by my hair aaand roleplay is cool beans hah. Oh yeah , forgot to say my name , it's Madeleine. Lessee....oh and people are not my forte .But message me? xD

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mylittlepony23 asked

the reason nobody likes bvb anymore is because of what andys doing andys doing a solo album as well
That wasn't really what made me dislike them , I just expanded my musical interests instead of sticking to one category. To me Black Veil Brides now seems like child's play but if you like it good for you , I just find them to be too whiny in my personal opinion but again good for you if that is what interests you.