23 / Female / Pansexual / Engaged
Is crazy in love with the very best stev0628
Hey humans ^^

before you ask: i dont have skype, my discord, facebook and snapchat is not something i give out - if you really want to talk to me, you can get my bf's Skype account ^^

I own a horse and a dog ^^

i like playing the guitar, also plays a lot of games, and do some drawing.

fav bands: Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Red, Fall Out Boys, Arch Enermy, Asking Alexandria, Black Sabbath and much more ^^

fav games: Battlefield, Need For Speed, Rocksmith, Grav, Dont Starve, Ark, Primal Carnage and more ^^

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im sick of being sick...

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Ur welcome


Screaming Happy Bday Lunse


thanks lol