999 / Male / Single and Not Looking
singing really loudly at you with UncertainDeathRaven
Haha yes – DE
-23 years old
-From the Germanland
-UncertainDeathRaven makes me do a big uwu

It is I, and honestly I am nothing but a waste of your time that enjoys singing every now and again.

Sometimes I draw s*** on my PC, like the background you can see right now.

The beanie is my only personality trait.

If you read all of the s*** above, thank you.

Note: I am not able to send friend requests to anyone. If I stalk your profile without sending a request, just consider it to be one and send one to me, if you want.

Or don't.

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drink the devils lettuce kids

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UncertainDeathRaven asked

I saw a moose on my backpacking trip! A MOOSE!!! He was very big and clunky. Did you know that moose are very horny and aggresive? Did you know you're more likely to be attacked by a moose than other forest animals?
I have heard of the grumpy moose, but we have wild boars around here that WILL f*** you up if you get too close :v

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After i graduate (2020) im probably gonna go back to Europe & I’ll deadass visit you 😤😤