23 / Male / Single and Not Looking
the ting goes skrrrra thanks to TonicWater
minecraft flat map – DE
you should check out logout, he's a really cool dude

in case you wanna know some basic stuff about me:

-23 years old
-i do pixelart
-sub-par guitar skills
-sub af
-convinced that wearing beanies is a 10/10 personality trait
-about as ambitious as a moldy potato
-winter person
-excessively using uwu and :v
-where my shrimps admin pls like, i have a tiny ego

that's it really, if you wanna know more about me just message me, you know how it works

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time for the schleep, good night uwu

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MissMomo  asked

A shrimp 4 u
Very big and quality thank uwu

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yes finally someone has got the reference, love u 💕