18 / Male / Demisexual / Broken Hearted
South Carolina – US
My name is Ashton.
I've earned the nickname Undecided because i can never make my mind up not even between what candy i want.
Instagram: lucid_soulz 13.3k
Facebook: F*** that website.
I'm a Xbox gamer I love Dark Souls, CoD, Battlefield and many more.
I write music, sing, and scream
Avoidant Personality Disorder- the desire to be close to someone..
Legit addiction to monster and pancakes.
No life Quick-scoper.
There's not much to say. If you want to know me just message me. I am on KIK. If i like your profile ill message you back.
Tbh i hate life and i would end it without hesitation if it wouldn't hurt the ones around me.
Band is Called Before Darkness Falls.
This is literally the worst "about me" ever i'm so awkward.
Oh and Don't Be A F***ing C***
Always f***ing up by accident.
If I cuss when talking to you, I'm comfortable talking to you.

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When someone talks trash on Xbox so you 1v1 them, kick their ass and they sit their quietly c;

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY cx XD *-* +-+ ^.^