30 / Male / Pansexual / Single and Looking
The disney princess blaq.holograph
Wehl – NL
Born in England, raised in the Netherlands [Limburg], living in also the Netherlands [Gelderland].

Gamer - Pansexual - Poly
On disabilty benefits but that aint stoppin me

Love chatting and gaming.
Living by the motto "go big or go home"

TableTop Role Playing Games of any kind are my thing. I have just about played all the ones i thought were worth checking out, but if you have some obscure good ones to recommend, hit me up :D

I also enjoy Live Action Role Playing. currently as NPC / Monster cus i enjoy the looks of the players when i step out into the field mwhuhahahhh

Also also, i play on Steam a lot, mostly Warframe currently but i play a wide variety of games ^.^

Filling my days with fun and chats
dont be afraid to message me

Feel free to friend me here, send a message of add me anywhere else, see below:

Discord: Lucian-de-Lyca#4642
Skype: dashieldelyca
Snap: Lucian Delyca
instagram: luci_delyca

I am on FL too. Ask for my username

Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling

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Henlo it's me scawy monster.
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oooooh nooooesss! im so scaaared :O

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