19 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
Paris – US
Parents:The Demew
Killer Style:I perfer my art to attract tourists but i do love to wear the just right beret.
Freaky Flaw:I spend to much time painting and drawing. I spend about 7 hours stright and i don't even know it!
Favorite Color:There is so much colers in palette hard to pick one. I use the coler lavender a lot for today.
Favorite Food:Mille~feuille.
Pet Peeve:Pepole don't sit still when i want to draw them it is annoying.
Favorite Activity:I love to organize my paint,crayons,brushes,chalks,inks,pens and colered pencils. I find it calming.
Pet:I don't have a pet but i love pigeons of paris.
Friends:Twyla and Spectra. Everyone likes me and consider me as there friends i hope! :)
GFFs:The City.
Favorite Subject:Art i feel the need to let them all see my masterpeice if they don't why make it. Wui~Wui
Least Favorite Subject:Art history i live where art is all around why do i have to waste time learning about it?

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Working on my new masterpiece.