16 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
None of your damn business – US
To start off I'm a shy person. I'd rather be in a corner reading a book or watching anime on my phone than be around people. If you're cool and like the same things I do then I'll want to be around you. So here are the things I like...

Reading (Horror, Mystery and Suspense)
Listening to music
Watching anime and horror movies
Playing the guitar and drums
Being myself

Oh it would probably help if I told you my name....I'm Caroline. Nice to meet you. You bite me and I bite back...rawr..

I could use some more friends so message me anytime. Just please don't me mean. Dx I deal with to many mean people.

I have Skype and that's it :3

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Well I haven't been on in ages, anyone wanna talk?