23 / Female / Polysexual / Forever Alone
The Land of the Flying Pandacorns – US
"the rules of rolling"
P is for Peace
L is for Love
U is for Unity
R is for Respect

KirstenMaxx. Seventeen.
Irish. Thai. Native American.
Blue Eyes. Auburn Hair. 5'5".

Hello sluts, c***s, and assholes.
I'm KirstenMaxx and I probably wish you were never born but besides that I'm a pretty nice person unless I have reason not to be. I'm vuglar, I hate religon and your god.

I have a pet Flying Pandacorn, his name is Clank. <3 Sometimes we have story time and he tells me about how he kills black people who aren't sitting on their asses as well as mexicans who aren't working. ilyclanky<3

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, never forget that.

peaceskies fgt <3

Current Status View All Statuses <<< That guy is lame, desperate, probably fake, and needs to leave me alone now.