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heart eater for Shadow.Chevelle
Netflix – US
♰ෆ⃛⁺ hi, im bree. im dead. wanna hook up?

♱.:。 im hardly actually on this and am terrible at replying, but hey lets try it anyways.

乂。⋆ im not your f*** buddy. dont add / message me to be inappropriate or try to ask me out or whatever. because no and f*** you.
please act your f***ing age.
i dont message first.
dont be boring. its annoying.
unless i give it to you, DONT ASK for my other social networks.


✰。* if you didnt read it before, my names bree. i dont do much, but i f***in love attention lol.

✧:・゚ i am a princess who loves Disney, horror, and offensive humor. especially when mixed together.

⑅*♡ im basically into all forms of art; musical, preforming, fine, etc.
i can play guitar and sing pretty decently.
im considered an artist, love to draw and paint.
i also enjoy writing and using big girl words.

➴ෆ⃛ my favorite TV show is Supernatural.
Team Free Will is mine. all of them. fight me.

♪♬ my favorite music genre is, well..everything. im a mega band whore.
classic rock, rock, hardcore, alternative, indie, some name it and ill probably like it.
*some* examples include : : The Black Keys, Cream, Metallica, Bring Me The Horizon, Five Finger Death Punch, Beartooth, Never Shout Never, grandson, EDEN, Post Malone, Hollywood Undead, Rats, Twiztid, etc.

✲*。 im addicted to coffee and teas, aka i love to drink things.

❃•̤ makeup, special fx, and cosplay are pretty cool, not that i do it often at all.

∗☽˟ i want to make people happy with what i do. i want to help people like they have helped me.

`メ)° was my long ass information not enough and have some questions? feel free to send me an ask. i will happily provide you the info.

♡✧。have a lovely day。✧♡

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also ive been away for 2 MONTHS and yall only posted 400 status updates? d***

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CarrieCounterfeit asked

Favorite Disney movie? You MUST pick one
always been and always will be Lilo & Stitch

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Guys could take notes from our conversation. Like have an actual conversation!


I miss talking to you 😢😢😢


Love you bestie ^.^


Yay!!! Best friends!




Awh thanks <3


Hey Gurl Hey :3


thank you so much!!


ty for the spam you sweetheart


Thank you