25 / Female / Straight / In Love
Punta Gorda – US
Heyy guies!! c:
So, my name is JamieyMarie, but my friends call me LillithMarie because my favorite flower is a Lilly, well one of them anyways
I'm an outgoing person I'm fun crazy, wild, etc, but my biggest downfall is I'm shy around new people. .-. Even though I LOVE making new friends and meeting new people! c:

I'm 20, and my Natural hair color is this dirty dishwater blond ._. I hate it tbh... But my Eye-color is Emerald green, though when I'm sad/depressed it's a slate gray unfortunately it's been a Slate gray for quite sometime.

Slowly they're turning back to emerald though c:

Well, I don't know what else too add, I model though, freelancing, it's more of a hobby, I draw, write, I'm a photographer, it's my dream too own my own Gallery/Studio and give my art too the world! c:

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Stay Beautiful you guys! <3

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: )