19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Næstved – DK
Hey, I'm from Denmark, and my name is Liv but on English it Means Life...Year, oka:3 Sooo, Hmm, I'm wierd..
I love musik, friends and ONE DIRECTION, I mean it 1D is my life..
I ride in my Leisure, Yearh that sexy, I know xD Aha, okay just forget that..
S'yaa! <3

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Omg, i hate that, the only way people will talk to you is if you say taht you drink and smoke, and have SO many problems. It's not anybod√Ĺ who will say all your problems to some strange guy/girl...NOHATE...

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SATAAN asked

What is your biggest weakness? >.>
Idk. Old men i think..