14 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
my cute bro lol XxAkedyxX
I shove jelly beans up my nose – US
Hello 😊 a lot of my friends on here call me skylar, my actual name is Darien so you can call me either names or make up your on nickname for me like sky, dare dare, whatever you wish. 🌹

🍪 my YouTube channel is Darien Alexandra

🍪 I am loyal

🍪 I can keep secrets

🍪 need someone to listen? I'm all ears

🍪 I'm bisexual and I don't judge people by what their sexuality is everyone is equal even race and gender

🍪 I like video games but I also like watching anime and listening to music

🍪 I love food like omg

🍪 I'm between 5'0-5'5 ft tall

🍪 I'm 13 atm and my birthday is April 14 2003

🍪 #scenebean

🍪 ice cream is my life

🍪 favorite color is gray! If that's even a color

🍪 favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN!

🍪 I have two ferrets and a cat!

🍪 I wanna be a youtuber, singer, and also a songwriter, animator

🐼Bring Me The Horizon
🐼Sleeping With Sirens
🐼Ghost Town
🐼Pierce The Veil
🐼Falling In Reverse
🐼Black Veil Brides
🐼Green Day
🐼The Ready Set
🐼Mayday parade
🐼Twenty One Pilots
🐼We The Kings
🐼Say We Can Fly
🐼Get Scared
🐼Johnnie Guilbert
🐼Bryan Stars
🐼Jordan Sweeto
🐼Blink 182
🐼All time low
🐼 5sos
🐼 One direction
👽and many more bands and people👽

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just a reminder i dont reply to messages on here because of perverts

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
Sowwy I don't have Skype ^·^ but we can talk on here if ya want, sorry.

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Lmao my birthday is april the 13th 2001 XD


Hello ^_^