22 / Male / Straight
getting high with therubberduk
Sydney – AU
I'm 17, shy and very awkward. Coming from a broken home and bad experiences. I smoke and drink to forget things and help my stress/anxiety, don't like it too bad.
I love music, I can growl but not scream and I don't have a band :'( my fav bands are; BVB, SWS, PTV, ETF, ADTR, Snow Whites Poison Bite, Suicide Silence, Spades and Blades, Dream On Dreamer, Bring Me The Horizon, Motionless In White and Crown the Empire.
I don't like fakes or haters so if either type of you people are here you can f*** off right now and leave my page, bye...

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d his status such a great feeling when you spend hours trying to help someone then they turn into a bitch cause i insulted the people who hurt her. f*** i should just stop trying

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therubberduk asked

I am a turtle, leave me alone

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Happy Birthday faggot. I know you prolly won't see this because time zone and things... But I love you dude. You always put a smile on my face when I need it. ily faggot(:


It'd be date if i was single cx you are welcomeee


Rate 8 :) Date/pass: Pass, i have a boyfriend sorry :c

its 6 p.m my time right now and it resets my time

a fight for the spot who ever has it at 9 p.m owns it till tomorrow accept my war? >:)

a fight for the spot

i will fight for it

no i had it yesterday and i still own it!

swear to god u take my spot on most active list we will have a probolem


msg me and ill ... ill tell you