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My Kitteh TheArtOfDying
Somewhere Over The Rainbow – NZ
Hey everyone :)

I love rock music (Black Veil Brides in particular) and I'm a bit of a loner but I don't let that get me down xD I homeschool too so I'm online when you suckers are at school >:3

I'll just get straight to the point with everything else

I respect everyone's opinions and don't judge.
I tend to send friend requests more than I add them and don't generally add people who are a lot older than myself.
I love talking but I'm not looking for anything more than friendship on here, so if you're looking for 'some fun' then just leave.
I really do love talking! Guys, girls, anyone :) so shoot me a message :D
I respect whatever religion you have. Or if you don't have one at all. I'm a Christian myself, but I like to have an open mind and accept everyone as they are :D
I'm not fake myself and I don't like fakers either. As long as you don't lie about who you are. Being you is better than posing as someone else.
I also can get attached easily to some people but if I'm annoying you by talking to you too much, please let me know. It's better than being ignored <3

Add these guys - they're awesome :) EricDarkside Doodmaith BlackConverse xXElmoXx TheArtOfDying

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Fakes frustrate me. Half the profile pictures on here are from the internet dumbasses ;-; be you!! Not someone else .-.

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Thank youu!