20 / Female / Pansexual / In Love
is twins with TicciToby
following my light – US
Hii! Im Kat or Kyttin, my real name though.... nope, tough luck

Anyways, im writing a novel and its posted online, however im under restriction so when im off restriction, ill post the link cx

I am a pokemon playing, cat loving, horse back riding, demonic little girl, so my temper might snap occasionally XD

If i become your friend, we chat often and actually get along, you will end up being someone i will die for, so yea....

I know it says im pansexual, but im asexual too.... and for good reason bitches, dont test me on it

dont flirt with me. Im not interested. I dont want to hear what you think of me or hear about anything sexual. so dont try.

Have a good day ya little stalkers xb

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: )


Have a great new year! ♥


~ Hey doll




thanks im here for you to


Eh, Trying to get things off my mind so I got on here


Hey lovely! n.n How are you?


Oh, it's no prop hon.