31 / Male / Narcissist / Forever Alone
Galaxy Far Far Away – US
Hi, my actual name is Ben, but you call me what everyone else calls me, Kylo Ren. It's been a tough time growing up, my mom and dad JUST DON'T GET ME. I swear I want to f***ing kill that guy.
Either way, I have new friends now who listen to me, like every single command I give.
tbh I'm really just trying to live up to my grandfather's legacy. I guess you could say I'm following in his footsteps. I really believe in his cause.
Red and Black are my favourite colours. You might see me wearing helmets, but I do not own a motorcycle...yet...
I have some anger issues, like this one time I totally sliced up a computer (don't ask me how). Like sometimes, I just want to blow things up like entire planet systems.
btw ladies, I don't care if you're light or dark, I'm very persuasive. Let's just say I know how to play with peoples' minds ;)

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I am a lord.

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Oh. I though it was probably Hux, but I guess that makes sense too.


I'm glad you're still alive. I thought you may have died on Star Killer Base.