22 / Female / Straight / Engaged
Harrington – US
You know I, I memorized all your favorite things
Your favorite songs and how to sing
You played the strings and found my tone
I loved you so much with all my bones
Well it's been three years since I met you
Can't believe all the things that we've been through
You watched me grow up, I watched you change
Thought one day that we'd share a last name

It's really nice to know that you think we're all out of time
But darling don't you know we just started our lives?

* Yeah you're my baby, boy you know you spin me all around
You drive me crazy girl, you flip my whole world upside down
It ain't no secret boy you know I glow inside when I'm with you
And just like sunshine girl, I hold you and I light up too

-Kylie Madison
-Was vegetarian for a year and a half.
-First piece of meat is an explosion in your mouth.
-Nickname is Kitty.
-Conversations without faces are boring. xD

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I haven't been on here in ages.

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no prob what's up??


thanks for the add!


hiii remember me?! :D


Hi ;c


your pretty O.o


Yoy are extremely insanely pretty...I know your inlove just thought you should no...u dont remember me well thats fine... :(


wats up :)


Your a kupcake


I Just say the Truth <3 ;D


You are so Cute! *.*