15 / Male / Asexual / Single and Looking
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Hell – US
Jesse | 13 | He/Him | I'm trans | Furry Artist

Hi im Nagito Komaeda and this is jackass.

Im Komaeda/Jesse and i like danganronpa lmao. My pronouns are He/Him, They/Them, or Woof/Woofself and im Asexual Panromantic. People over the age of 18 make me uncomfortable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Keep in mind that im mentally ill when youre talking with me and that i frequently have breakdowns! Ask for my skype and i might give it to you idk.

Dont make sexual comments towards me im f***in 13.

Note: you dont have to use the nounself pronouns at all lmao i prefer He/Him over everything

Watch me on my Deviantart: sinraptors.deviantart.com