19 / Male / Gay / Forever Alone
Hello i'm Trent

i enjoy making new friends.. whether they're fake or not.
I'm a very good listener, however not a good comforter.
I become awkward and quiet when I've become a shoulder to cry on.
Although, I do not mind it at all. c:
I have a very wide taste in music.

I can listen to most things.. but not all.
My Favorite Song at the moment is
'gangster' but my favorite band is Of Mice & Men
My personality doesn't open up right away.

I have major trust issues. Sooo.. once you know me long enough and I begin to open up,
You'll definitely notice a change.
I try to reply back to every message I receive.

I prefer proper spelling and grammar, but then again..
I suppose It doesn't matter.
I'm sure, I could understand most incorrect grammar/spelling.
I don't always reply to comments also my best friend made my bio and used what she said because we're a lot alike