20 / Non-binary / Androsexual / Engaged
Arkansas – US
Kik works better than messenger here. Kik me @ Kixao

I'm a Satanist, so if that bothers you I suggest not talking to me/blocking me. Part of being Satanist is not putting up with bulls***.

Hi, I'm Pearl! I do YouTube videos, art, and bake. I have a baby, so I may be off for long periods at a time to take care of her, not sorry about it though. She comes first.
I watch a lot of anime and horror movies in my spare time. My family and I watch Steven Universe together whenever new episodes come out. I also take care of my family, clean, and do digital art.
I'm really big into politics and feel like I'm at least partially responsible for our current president (I didn't register in time to vote and it kills me every day).
Last Week Tonight is my favorite tv show, Final Destination 5 is my favorite movie, and The Divine Comedy is my favorite book. I'm here to make friends.
Feel free to start a chat with me.

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Watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends at 2 in the morning instead of sleeping is probably not the best decision I could make...

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KanekiVantas  asked

im not straight but i like guys and necomimi too \o/
This is not a question. I like your user name though. Homestuck 4/13 trigger it

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