20 / Female / Forever Alone
Fort Myers – US
(Insert random "about me" s*** here)I'm eating chinese takeout right now OnO name is Sarah but you can call me Nicole or Nikki, whatever floats your boat. Well I love ADVENTURE TIME :D & I am in love with music. Mostly post-hardcore, mexicore, metalcore, all that good, My Chemical Romance(forever a huge #1 fan), Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil (mega fan), Bring Me The Horizon (my 2nd favorite band ever), Falling In Reverse(its actually illegal to hate Ronnie :D), Asking Alexandria(Brusnop believer),Never Shout Never, and a little bit of Black Veil so Ive never gone out with anyone so...I really dont know whether or not if Im straight so dont ask me...I dont know -.-, Ive never been "swimming" but I sure as hell would if I could ;D...if you care Im just putting that out there. Not trying to sound mean but I do have a type :p I think I have an unhealthy obsession with guys...sorry cant help it I love people who arent shy cause Im shy and that would just be too much lol um I have a thing for skinny guys...idek why. Guys who have guages and spider bites :O Someones whos nice and loves me for who I am...youll probably begin to see that I go for guys with long hair, piercings, someone who listens to the same music I do...I just love white dick O.o (ppl say that all the time..still dont know why) I dont choose to be like that, its just the kind I seem to like the most so um yeah cool beans, message me if you want c: :p

Fun Facts XP
*Short -.-
*Has a random cockney accent that comes out of nowhere. O.o
*Drug of choice: Monsters & Skittles.
*Lives as kitten part time.
I'm listening to:
Not The American Average by A.A.
I'm thinking about:
Why some guys are so stupid
I'm dating:
No one, never have probably never will.
I'm annoyed at:
Guys who dont give me a chance
I'm loving:
Guys who will never give me a chance.

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I got your picture, Im coming with you. Dear maria, count me in c: <333