21 / Female / Bisexual / In Like
Haii I'm Alexx c:
I'm 16 and I'm sorta new to this whole 'scene kids' thing lol my bestest buddie introduced me to this site,sooo I made one because she wanted me too..but that's besides the point! lol SO anyways,I found this prettie cool so yeah...
heres a little bit about me, My favourite colour is Red
My birthday's August 18th,
I love photography and music... I listen to Sleeping w/ Sirens,Pierce The Veil,Breaking Benjamin,BvB,August Burns Red,Paramore,Of Mice and Men,Memphis Mayfire,Krewella,David Guetta...etc
My best friend is Winter (Winners) or (NekoBatman) we've known each other for almost 5 years (: and I love her to deathhhh!! && maiii my other best friend is Jaine, shes the mother of my adorable god-daughter and I love her just as much as Winners!xx
I have 4 siblings,3 brothers and a little sister(Aydan,Athena,Jeremiah,&Tyger)
I absolutely love KATZ!!! haha I have 4 cats (Honiie,Kittie,Tiger,& Sweetheart)
Yeah! soo... thats prettie much all I can explain about myself c: but if you wanna know anything else you can ask meh if chu like (: xxx

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NekoBatman hopefully geometery isn't too bad lol i hear ms mckinley is a bi-otch