22 / Female / Bisexual
i'm Ellie :3
i don't really know what to say haha xD i'm pretty socially awkward, but i'm friendly once you get to know me ^_^ i just don't know how to start conversations lmfaoo :D
i'm taken!! so no flirting, tehe (but if your secret about it, then flirt's all just fun right?? ;3)
i love to draw! <3 ahhh it's my favourite thing to do when i'm not playing bass, aha xD i also really like cats omfg they are so adorbz!!!
i'm pretty random haha IS THAT A SQUIRREL???! oh wait no it's just a dragon XDDD
i like all kinds of music really, just whatever takes my fancy xD
anyway umm...that's it!!! feel free to add me and talk to me, cos i love talking to people though i'm not very good at it XD

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with friends ehe :3 pizzaaaaaa xDD